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Here is a guest post from Suzanne about her ideas and why this campaign is so crucial.

I was actually amazed with whatever it means and know you will be too so please take a minute to offer this a read and a share. If you too are passionate about this then could you support this campaign? Every share on social media makes all the difference.

Do you hate seeing edited pictures online and understanding that there are young people up and down the nation, throughout the world even, who believe this is reality? I was recently talking with Suzanne Samaka who established a campaign to guarantee the media are honest about editing.

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Why I started the campaign

Unfortunately, for the past three years, a member of our family has actually suffered from anorexia. It is reasonable to state we will never know the origin of this and perhaps neither will they, but it appears that they are not alone in the anxiety, depression, mental and physical health challenges that they have dealt with in their teen years. Ive been to eating condition in-patient centers and I have always been stunned and saddened by how complete these units are with adolescent women and kids alike.

How can I make a difference to the mental health of our young people? That was my question and it struck me like a lightning bolt, one night whilst watching tv with my partner. To offer some context to my life, I am a stepmother to 4 children, have a 2-year-old daughter and am twenty-nine weeks pregnant with my second infant. Oh and I work complete time in banking.

Modifications due to the pandemic

The statistics do not lie and in the UK, 9 out of every 10 women with low body esteem, put their health at risk by not seeing a medical professional or by skipping meals.

More than 2 thirds (68%) of young people surveyed support social networks platforms highlighting when an image has been manipulated. The data dont lie but I have actually also been called by lots of young individuals who totally agree with this idea to positively support their own mental health.

The pandemic has implied youths have invested more time in your home and online. They are seeing more content than ever that is modified or filtered and it is having a devastating result on their self-esteem.

A survey conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health asked 14-24-year-olds in the UK how social media platforms impacted their health and well-being. The study results found that Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were all linked to increased feelings of anxiety, anxiety, bad body image and loneliness.

Assistance for the petition

It deeply distresses me. Mental health challenges can rapidly become deeply rooted and leave scars for life. Our kids and youths deserve much better than that.

I have actually also been contacted by numerous parents who are frightened of how body conscious their kids are, with ages beginning with as young as 8 and throughout their teens.

The more individuals I talk to about the petition, the more it makes me desire to guarantee there is modification, defense and sincerity to give our young individuals a sporting chance in todays world.

Do I think social media is the problem for the difficulties in youth psychological health? Ill never ever forget being on the tube and seeing a young girl who should have been twelve or thirteen using her phone as a mirror however whilst doing so, it had a filter on.

What I have a problem with is the absence of sincerity, which is triggering youths to think they need to be perfect, yet striving for this is harming their psychological health.

I have nothing against social media. I likewise have absolutely nothing against modifying or filtering, it is completely each to their own.

I have likewise spoken with many adults who have actually suffered their own mental health obstacles in their teen years, signing the petition since they just cant fathom how they would have endured against the odds that the youth these days are maturing with.

Since beginning the petition, I have been gotten in touch with by lots of instructors who have actually told me their experiences of discussions with their students who feel under pressure from social media perfection or debilitating isolation when they feel that their face does not fit.

Making things alter

In attempting to stimulate change I have actually just recently started a petition on to change the social media laws to state when an image has been filtered or digitally amended.

This is now the law in a number of countries, Norway is the most current. If it can take place there why not in the UK?

What I am hoping this option might do is to assist our young individuals and the next generation to comprehend that these posts arent real and are unreachable goals to desire. I hope this will help them understand that their true self is more crucial, as well as their physical and mental health.

How you can help

Partnership is crucial here. , if we all pull together we truly can protect our next generation.. Im a parent. An auntie. A person who cares. That is all it takes. Someone to do something.

Whilst my household has actually been my first-hand experiences of psychological health difficulties in youths, I have simply seen and heard one too many examples to not attempt and do something about it.

The momentum of this campaign has been remarkable in 8 weeks with numerous MPs on board, charity organisations and individuals who are experts in their fields.

What I have actually realised is that each person can help create positive modification. It really does just take 30 seconds to put your name against the petition and after that share with your own network.

In the words of Emma Watson, If not me, who? If not now, when?

Send a tweet or post on Instagram and use the tag #HonestyAboutEditing

The link to the project is 

The link to the information of the survey completed by the Royal Society for Public Health is available here 

Author – Suzanne Samaka

Instagram – @protectyouthmentalhealth

Twitter – @SuzanneSamaka

Our kids and young people are worthy of much better than that.

How can I make a difference to the psychological health of our young individuals? It is reasonable to say we will never ever know the root cause of this and perhaps neither will they, but it is evident that they are not alone in the anxiety, anxiety, psychological and physical health challenges that they have actually dealt with in their adolescent years. Do I think social media is the issue for the obstacles in youth psychological health? Ill never ever forget being on the tube and seeing a young girl who needs to have been twelve or thirteen utilizing her phone as a mirror but whilst doing so, it had a filter on.

What do you think?

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