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The factor this was done was that after the dreadful press and scrutiny they received about user data and personal privacy, the focus on more regional news material for their users was deemed a smarter approach to guarantee their AI might much better root out poor quality and “fake news” content. Whether this, in fact, occurs stays to be seen. Its a modification that can benefit nonprofits if they are savvy sufficient to make news in their local locations.

In addition, there was also a modification in Facebooks algorithms that Zuckerberg revealed in the first month of 2018 specifying that the social media giant was going to get back to essentials. You too can do the very same thing for your nonprofit company.

The huge news was that Facebook decided to concentrate on regional news and occasions. Alex Hardiman and Campbell Brown of Facebook announced, “Now, individuals around the world will see more news on Facebook from local sources covering their existing city and other cities they may care about.”

This year has not been too kind to Facebook, with the news about Cambridge Analytica and Mark Zuckerberg being asked to testify in front of Congress. Zuckerberg and his group used it as an opportunity to change the Facebook algorithms, once again, and this can still bode well for your not-for-profit if you’re smart about it.

How to Make Facebook Work for You

We understand that through the years Facebook has actually been tweaking its algorithms to make organic reach harder to come by for brands. In the good old days, your brand had the ability to have a top-level of natural reach about the work of your not-for-profit. Today, organic reach is in the low single percentile digit and declining, and some experts argue that Facebook and other platforms will continue to have their AI throttle any organic reach to zero, which will then require every brand name to “pay to play.”

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