Google Localized News

When you go to Google Earth and want to learn more about a place, wouldn’t it be nice to have that place linked to more than just pictures and facts? How about audio, wouldn’t that be a treat? Why audio you ask, because you could listen while you did other things. Perhaps you are searching out a shopping center, restaurant or store. Want to listen to reviews – how about consumer reviews – exit surveys of customers as they leave the establishment. We could provide all this content quite easily by way of crowd sourcing. Let’s discuss this concept more, shall we?

What if you wanted to go to a local area; a museum, a park, the beach, an auditorium, or some tourist attraction? Wouldn’t it be nice to click on the link while you were on the Google Earth page and listen to audio by a local expert, curator, nonprofit group spokesperson, or concerned citizen and learn what the area is all about, it’s history, the culture, and to get a better feel for it all. Everyone cares about the place they call home, they’d be glad to come and post an audio online. It would also allow travelers to listen to the audio while they were in route in their car, on a bus, train, ferry, or plane into the area.

They could listen and hear real people from the area talking in their own accent and dialect. They could get a real feel for the passion, vision, and personality of those in the area. Not only that, but they could also get an education, never having to look at their smart phone, or personal tech device. Just sitting back and listening as they traveled. They could do this in their car, and they wouldn’t have to worry about using their smart phone while driving, they could just press the play button and listen. They could also perhaps set the audio on an automatic feature that continued to play all the audios of everything in the area, without them having to choose a second topic and press play again.

How hard would it be to implement such a feature at Google Earth? Not very difficult at all, it’s an easy win, and something that tourists, consumers, and customers of all types would love. It keeps with the entire new era and venue of mobile data. Can you begin to see how well this might work out with the new Google Glasses? When we talk about mobile computing, we are also talking about multimedia, augmented reality, and streaming information, video, audio, and data. It’s definitely something to think about. Please consider all this.

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